Chosen a package, now want something a little extra on top? Check out our highly popular add on attractions here!


Prices shown do not include any additional travel charges if over 30 miles of SY16 4DA.  

Terms apply, please read our FAQ's for more information.




Ready for March 2018 Bookings onwards, our 9 Hole Crazy Golf Course is a feast for carnival loving eyes, and features holes, beautifully decorated to highlight all that is British Seaside & Funfair, with obstacles such as a Ferris Wheel and Helter Skelter, amongst many others, and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Comes with both adult and child dual hand putters and low bounce coloured golf balls, along with score sheets.  This attraction can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minmum of 40ft level play area for comfortable enjoyment of the game.  Want this game manned for your 4 hours hire time? Simply add on an additional £200.00 and inform us when booking.

HOT DOG BARROW ~ £249.00*

Using our stunning traditional hand barrow, we will serve you and your guests for 2 hours 'straight through' hire, i.e. Noon to 2pm etc, up to 100 x 8" delicious Bratwurst Hot Dogs in a Roll, with options for Steamed Onions, Mustard and Ketchup; a combination which is bound to fill up, even the most hungry of peeps!  Our beautiful cart comes with a large vintage style sign indicating where your hot dogs will be served.   Electric source required.  Vegetarian options available on request.

Add single flavour Slush to this Extra Attraction for just £69.00 more!

HOT ROAST CHESTNUTS HAND CART ~ £299.00*  (October to February)

Nothing says Dickensian Christmas Fayre like an old fashioned hand barrow manned with a server freshly roasting Chestnuts in an oven, and serving them in a little white paper bag, ready for you to warm your hands on and season with either cinnamon sugar or salt.  Our beautiful barrow comes with an assistant serving up to 100 portions of 8 chestnuts within a 2 hour period (or until chestnuts run out, whichever comes soonest).  Book early for this festive treat as it nearly always gets snapped up. Electric supply required.


Ever gone to a travelling funfair and played on the Arabian Derby? It's a fantastic game isn't it!  We love it so much that we're currently building our own cuter version, but instead of Arabs on horseback we have four super adorable seaside donkeys, each trying to get to the ribbon at the end of the beach first.  Of course our donkeys will need your help, and with four positions available, you'll need to chose which donkey you want to win, and with speed and dexterity, roll the balls, trying to get them into the highest number holes as possible as your donkey trots along merrilly.  Under Cover Use & Electric supply required.


Nothing quite beats the incredible enjoyment of a delicious Welsh Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream, served in a Waffle Cone (or Tub if preferred) from a genuine vintage Pashley Ice Cream Tricycle, sympathetically hand painted with a traditional 'stop me a buy one' design (no stick on lettering here) and offering an optional selection of sprinkes, flakes and sauces to add to your naughty but nice treat! You can choose up to 3 flavours of Ice Cream (from those listed HERE) and we always carry a Vanilla Ice Cream (as you'll be amazed how many people just like good ole fashioned flavours!)  Hire is for 2 hours 'straight through' i.e. 2pm to 4pm or up to 100 x servings of Ice Cream.  A fabulous add on attraction which never fails to impress.  Our Trike is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and requires an electric source.


Our fabulous Vintage Fairground Theme hire pack includes some of our most hired attractions to add extra atmosphere to our games packages and really tie in the traditional funfair theme for your event.  Includes a beautiful hand built Fairground Organ, designed to replicate the original old tyme fairground organs, and features a quality 'hidden' music system which allows you to hear a good selection of fairground organ music, our Ticket Booth, which like our Fairground Organ also illuminates and comes with a roll of tickets for your chosen volunteer to give out, along with two fabulous Distorting Mirrors; you know the ones, they can make you look all weird shapes and sizes, and lastly our 11ft across 'Funfair' sign, painted in vintage fairground style and really gives a shout out to your visitors what they're about to see!  Electric source required to play organ & illuminate.  

If your theme is Circus, we can swap out the huge Funfair sign for a huge Circus sign; just ask when booking.


Perfect for winter weddings, disco's and evening events; from our beautiful vintage style Candy Floss Barrow we serve up to 100 x Light Up Candy Floss Sticks alongside 100 x Paper Cones of freshly made Popcorn, within a 2 hour period (or until portions run out, whichever comes soonest).  Our Light Up Candy Flosses really are a talking point, and the amazing food safe LED stick the floss sits on, is where the magic all happens! It has up to 5 different light displays on, including Strobe, Flash, Glow etc and turns a plain Strawberry Pink Candy Floss into a fantastic light show!  Furthermore once you've eaten your Candy Floss you can still use your Light Up Stick (Light Sabre anyone?) for fun afterwards.  

Add single flavour Slush to this Extra Attraction for just £69.00 more!