Chosen a package, now want something a little extra on top? Check out our highly popular add on attractions here!


Prices shown do not include any additional travel charges if over 30 miles of SY16 4DA. .  

Terms apply, please read our FAQ's for more information.




Far and away our most popular 'extra attraction' hire and it's not hard to see why! Perfect for both Weddings and Corporate events as you have up to 25 characters (including spaces) with which to really put your message out there.  For festive events our Kissing Booth can come pre-signwritten with 'Under the Mistletoe!' on and of course a swag of Mistletoe to kiss under.  Hire this and you'll be seeing all sorts of candid photo's popping up after your event!


Hire as few or as many of these fabulous designs as you'd like to get your clients or guests clicking away on their phones and taking some fab photo's!  Our amazing 'patented' design features 'close off faces' which means even if one person uses the board, the photo still comes out as a full photo, with no gaping holes where heads should be.  Hire prices shown is for one photo peep board.  More design choices can be found HERE including our super 'Just Married' peep board!


Our beautiful and much admired photographic prop; takes up to 15 stone in weight when sat on, and comes with a stunning backflash, which can be illuminated.  Perfect for weddings, studio, film or theatre work, and looks just amazing (even if we do say so ourselves!)  Static prop, this attraction does not move.  Electric source required to illuminate.


Superb hand painted by our resident fairground artist, and looking just how most of us remember, our fabulous Waltzer Car holds two adults comfortably (with a bit of squeeze for three) and looks awesome.  Popular hire out for weddings, studio, film or theatre work.  Static prop, this attraction does not move.  Please note: this is a large attraction and will require 4ft of space if going through doors.


Nothing beats seeing the look on a players face when they acheive a hole in one whilst playing on our fabulous Six Hole Crazy Golf Course! With it's wymsical backflashes featuring favourites such as the Windmill, Humpty Dumpty, Ice Cream Cone and a Toadstool, and six Holes ranging from pretty easy to virtually impossible, you and your guests/clients will have plenty of fun whiling away the hours.  Comes with four multi handed putters and 4 golf balls.  Having a Christmas or New Year party? Ask to swap out our standard backflashes for our festive themed set!


Our fabulous Vintage Fairground Theme hire pack includes some of our most hired attractions to add extra atmosphere to our games packages and really tie in the traditional funfair theme for your event.  Includes a beautiful hand built Fairground Organ, designed to replicate the original old tyme fairground organs, and features a quality 'hidden' music system which allows you to hear a good selection of fairground organ music, our Ticket Booth, which like our Fairground Organ also illuminates and comes with a roll of tickets for your chosen volunteer to give out, along with two fabulous Distorting Mirrors; you know the ones, they can make you look all weird shapes and sizes, and lastly our 11ft across 'Funfair' sign, painted in vintage fairground style and really gives a shout out to your visitors what they're about to see!  Electric source required to play organ & illuminate.  

If your theme is Circus, we can swap out the huge Funfair sign for a huge Circus sign; just ask when booking.


Our fabulous 30ft length x 3ft 6", Mobile Skittles Alley is the perfect choice for any all ages event!  Comes with 9 pins and 3 bowling balls, instructions and score sheet, and similar to 10 pin bowling, the 9 pins are set up at the end of the alley, and you take it in turns to see who can knock them all over with the bowling balls.  Our Alley is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and comes complete with a foam buffer to reduce noise and a return gully for ease of play.   Requires a working space of approx 32ft length and 5ft width and this hire is for level floor use only (can be shortened on request).  


Our amazing 'Fortune's Told' Booth features a stunning frontage that literally draws in the crowds!  Hand painted by own our fairground artist, the top boards have the words 'Fortune's Told' with 'Palmistry', 'Tarot' and 'Crystal Ball' underneath. Our side panels are even more wow, with hand painted Gypsy Fortune Teller's holding little 'mirrored writing' fortunes (it's fantastic seeing people trying to read them!) along with a beaded curtain and deco style overhang lighting, which finishes the look off perfectly.  The interior is a professional 1.5m x 1.5 black gazebo, and is kept as a blank canvas for you to fill with whatever props of yours you like (most clients place in a small reading table and a couple of stools).  Please note: you will require an electric supply to illumate if required.  No reader/fortune teller/interior props come with this booth; you will need to supply your own.


Currently in production, we've taken inspiration from the fabulous game that is the Arabian Derby, seen all over travelling fairgrounds and always with a feisty crowd around them! No surprise either, as this fast paced game is hugely addictive, and very simple to play.  Just take your place at the podium (4 places each game available) and when the starters horn goes off, roll your balls and try and get them into the round slot marked with how many gallops your donkey can take. Keep going and with any luck your donkey will be first past the post. Game can be used as a stand alone attraction for corporate or wedding reception hire, and comes manned by a compare, with each game winner recieving a metal 1st Place Medal.  Game price is for up to 100 medal winners within the 4 hour hire slot.  Photo's will be coming this February 2018.