Prices shown do not include your additional delivery/collection charges if hire venue is over 30 miles of SY16 4DA and are based on Standard Hire Terms; please read our FAQ's for more information or CONTACT US for an accurate quote.


Many events that run over the seasonal period feature large carousels and ferris wheels, whilst forgetting the little ones also like a ride or two! Our kiddies ride is suitable for both toddlers and young junior age children alike, and is a rare 1940's Juvenile Coulson Minor Mobile, a hand turned roundabout which comes manned by a trained and insured fairground operator and is perfect for kids up to approximately 8 years of age (with a maximum user height of 1.25 metres). This undeniably cute ride has been wonderfully 'Christmassed up', seating 9 children at full capacity on 3 sets of highly decorated festive train engines and carriages:~ Santa's Steam Engine, Ruldolph's Railway and The Elf Express.  No electric is required to use (lights are illuminated with an internal battery), making this the perfect vintage childrens funfair ride for places where electric is difficult to obtain. Great for Santa Special Railway events, Christmas Light Switch On events and Garden Centre Christmas events. 


Must have direct even ground access for trailer build up and an operating area of 15ft x 10ft is required.  Ride takes approx 1 hour to build up & 1 hour to pull down.


Nowadays, we're finding our stunning hand painted Candy Floss & Popcorn Cart is regularly being hired for Christmas & New Year events and it's not hard to see why; nothing says 'festive fairground', vintage or otherwise, than a fabulous stick of freshly made sweet candy floss or a cone of just popped corn, particularly when served from our traditional hand cart, you'll really set the Victorian funfair scene perfectly at your event! Our Candy Floss & Popcorn cart comes with 2 Hours 'straight through' i.e. 2pm to 4pm, manned hire, with an trained attendant serving unlimited Sticks of Candy Floss & 8oz Cones of Popcorn, within that time. Both our Candy Floss & Popcorn fun foods are suitable for those on a Vegan diet. 


Please note: Electric point is required to run machines.  Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft 5" x (w) 7ft x (d) 4ft.  Stall takes approx 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


Ever been to a European Christmas Market or Oktoberfest and enjoyed the sublime aroma coming from the Nut Vendors cart? Well you're not alone and we're delighted for 2020 to bring you our stunning Victorian Barrow serving freshly caramelised almonds, otherwise known as Frosted or Candied Nuts, which are wonderfully warm, straight from the roaster and as you'll know if you've been lucky enough to try this sweet treat, once eaten from thereon in remembered as the new taste of Christmas. Our Caramelised Nuts Barrow runs for 2 Hours 'straight through' i.e. 2pm to 4pm hire time and comes manned with an trained attendant who will cook and serve up to 100 x paper cones containing approx. 50g of delicious Caramelised Almonds per portion; the perfect snack for all Christmas events. Our Caramelised Nuts are suitable for those on a Vegan diet and solely consist of Almonds, Vanilla Sugar, Water and Cinnamon.


Please note: Electric point is required to run caramelising machine.  Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft 5" x (w) 7ft x (d) 4ft.  Stall takes approx. 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


Our replica of a traditional old fashioned Fairground Organ is so true to it's original, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. Plays a large selection of typical fairground style Carols & Christmas fairground organ music, but intead of using pipes, it uses an environmental quality sound system, which can be set at any level of volume to re-create the sounds of a bygone era funfair for your event. 


Size approx (h): 4ft 6" x (w): 3ft x (d) 2ft ~ Electric required for this attraction.


The aroma of freshly cooked chestnuts always pulls in a hungry crowd, and combine that with our stunning Victorian Hand Cart, it's no surprise we're always booked from Michaelmas right over the festive season, through to New Year...our barrow looks so incredibly Christmassy!  With your Roast Chestnuts hire, we'll set up our wonderful cart, manned by a suitably Victorian dressed attendant serving for 2 hours 'straight through hire' e.g. 6pm to 8pm etc, where we roast and serve up to 100 x paper cones containing 6 x delicious Hot Roasted Chestnuts per portion; perfect for that real taste of Dickensian Christmas. Our Hot Roast Chestnuts are suitable for those on a Vegan diet.


Electric required - Direct from van build up access is required.  Stall takes 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


Many fond memories of old fashioned Christmas celebrations come to mind when clients book our lovely vintage Swingboats Ride, which comes with 4 traditionally decorated boats, suitable for children up to 1.35m in height (approx. 10 years old), seating 8 individuals at full capacity (2 per boat). These boats are powered by the riders themselves, who each have an alternating rope to pull and the speed of the swinging boat can be controlled easily once in rhythm. We're often booked by town councils wanting a bygone era children's ride for their Dickensian themed Christmas Light Switch On, by Schools for social history topics and museums wishing to demonstrate Victorian festive pastimes; what a fun way to learn about this theme it is too! No electric is required to use (unless you'd like the ride illuminated for late afternoon or evening events, in which case you would require an electric socket point), making this is the perfect Eco Ride!


Must have direct even ground access for van build up and a minimum operating area of 20ft x 12ft.  Ride takes approx. 2 hours to erect & 2 hours to pull down.  Comes with a fully trained and insured fairground attendant.


As prominently seen on ITV's Coronation Street Christmas episodes in 2019, our beautiful, designed by us and inspired by old festive postcards, features the words 'Season's Greetings!' on and comes with 3 closed off and painted in heads (girl, boy and snowman), so if just one person is using the photo board, your photo's will still be fabulous! 


Size approx (h): 4ft x (w): 6ft x (d) 2ft

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