Prices shown do not include your additional delivery/collection charges if hire venue is over 20 miles of SY16 4DA and are based on Standard Hire Terms; please read our FAQ's for more information or CONTACT US for an accurate quote.


Very popular on many a theme park and travelling funfairs...the idea seems so simple and easy, but in reality it's a rare person who wins on a Hang Bar or Beat the Bar Challenge, as they're commonly known; mainly due to the 2 minutes length of time required to win and a chrome bar that makes gripping on even harder.  Ours comes with a 'The Greatest Showman' inspired look, and is highly decorated in vintage circus colours, featuring a lion taming ring master on one side panel and knife juggling acrobats on the other, with stunning overhang vintage globe lighting to complete the sumptious look. Comes in a number of height settings for all ages and fully manned with a traditional sideshow Barker who speils away throughout.  Great fun and always pulls an excited 'baited breath' crowd; comes with up to 10 x 'outright winners' large plush soft toy and 90 x typical 'prize every time' items, so plucky losers also get a small token treat. Must be built up on even level ground and an operating area of (h) 10ft x (w) 8ft x (d) 8ft. is required.  Stall takes approx 2 hours to build up & 2 hours to pull down. If allocated prizeware has been won prior to the completion of the 4 hour hire time, any remaining time can be used for gameplay only, no further prizes will be available. Winners large plush soft toy design may vary from photo shown in description.


Wanting to tie your circus theme together beautifully? Look no further than our fabulous 2ft x 12" x  5" illuminated show signs; one which states 'Roll Up Roll Up' and the other 'The Big Show Entrance'.  Both look amazing and really put a sparkling stamp on your event! Please note: Electric point is required to illumate signs.


Our stunning Tarot Booth is the talk of the town wherever it goes; there's so much more to this wonderful fortune tellers tent than meets the eye; on the exterior panels beautiful handpainted gypsy girls display mirrored fortunes, that the curious passer by will love to decode and the header panel reads, 'Fortunes Told, Palmistry, Tarot & Crystal Ball'. Inside is just as eyecatching, and is entered through a 'theatre style' beaded curtain, which opens up to reveal two Gold & Red Velvet Louis XVI style Chairs, a Reading Table, Crystal Ball, Brass Inlaid Moneybox and a deck of Circus Sideshow Tarot Cards, all darkly illuminated with a 1920's style Beaded Lampshade.  Please note: Electric point is required to illuminate lamp.  Approximate size of attraction is (h) 7ft 5" x (w) 5ft x (d) 5ft.  Stall takes approx 2 hours to erect & 2 hours to pull down.  This booth does not come with a fortune teller or tarot reader; you must provide your own.


Either use as a tie in prop, if you have a Circus themed event you'd like some props to add ambience to, or use a as photo prop by standing in front of this fabulous 3D Knife Throwing Board and get your photographer or guests to snap away with their cameras or smartphones, and make yourself look like you've been part of a super scary Circus Act; perfect for Snapchat & Instagram posters!  Please note: knives shown have blades which are completely blunt.


Fleas are amazing diminutive creatures that never cease to amaze with their strength and agility, and in the Victorian era particularly, Showmen often amazed awe filled onlookers with the many fantastic tricks these super insects could perform. Our Flea Circus harks back to that time, is decorated beautifully with hand painted and freak show style signwriting and comes with several Circus skills for the fleas to show off with. No fleas are hurt in this Circus as they are mechanical (but you won't realise that!) Performances last for 30 minutes with a break after each one (actual performance time is 2 hours within the 4 hours hire time).  Size approx (h): 4ft 6" x (w): 2ft x (d) 2ft ~ Electric required is you wish to illuminate this attraction. 


Looking for a way to sell tickets or take payment for your event, but want it looking perfectly Circus like? Our Ticket Booth will easily fit the bill then! It's sizeable enough to take one adult and comes with a stool to sit on and a shelf you can place your own money box/tickets under for safety. Painted in cream, gold & burgundy sign writing enamels, it really adds a stunning vintage look to your event.  The top board illuminates, should you wish it to, and one side is painted with the words 'Tickets' and the othe 'Pay Here', simply choose the side you'd like to display. Electric required to illuminate top sign - Stall takes ½ hour to erect & ½ hour to pull down.


Large 8ft wooden handpainted Circus Sign, which brings a real splash of colour to your 'Greatest Showman' themed event and can be hung or placed literally anywhere you can fit it!

The Big Show Illuminated Sign

Our Big Show Sign used alongside our Nutty Place Photo Peep Board (£45 additional hire) for a Look Book Photo Shoot. Photo Copyright C.J. Fenney 2016