Q. What guidance do you have for events over the Covid-19/Coronavirus period?

A. In order to ease any concerns over the Covid-19/Coronavirus period, Traditional Fairground Co. have taken guidance from the UK Government and also undertaken Prevention of Covid-19 Safety Training which will allow us to attend corporate events, private parties, weddings, filming/studio, heritage and council run events, with the following hygiene measures put in place:~

a. we will ensure each attraction is given a thorough hot antibacterial wash before and after each event to ensure your safety.

b. we will use social distancing measures and wear disposable gloves and a freshly laundered face mask throughout the set up and pull down process. 

c. we will ensure there is a 2 metre space between each game and attraction we set up (unless government advice states otherwise).

d. each hire will come complete with an antibacterial hand sanitising station for you and your guests use.


Q. How easy is it to make an enquiry?

A. Very easy indeed! Make a note of what you'd like to hire from us, then contact us to let us know your hire date, time of hire required and venue postcode for an accurate quote and to see if we're available.

Q. Will there be any additional travel charges added to my hire costs?

A. Traditional Fairground Co. are based in Mid Wales, SY16 4DA; If your hire venue is under 30 miles from SY16 4DA, then no there are no additional travel charges; if over this mileage then yes, delivery & collection is charged at £1.25 per mile (charged one way), based on our standard hire terms, using for mileage calculation.  

Q. What kind of access do you require on the day to set up & pull down services?

A. We require a good clear access to the venue you wish us to set our attractions up at.  We will be using a Nissan Elgrand or VW Transporter Van. We need our access point to be clear and parking to be close to where the attractions will be (strictly no further than 75 metres from attraction display area for fete games hire). We also hire attractions which require direct build up from the van itself; please ensure this can be achieved before booking said attraction; we will not be able to refund your booking charge if we find that build up from the van is impossible when arriving on site.  For any venues over 150 miles from SY16 4DA OR located in any city centres (i.e. London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.) OR including Fun Foods, we require a free designated parking place for the full duration of unloading, hire time and pull down, no further than 75 metres from the hire venue.


Q. Traditional Fairground Co. sent me a quote for services a couple of months ago; does it still stand?

A. No, quotes are valid for 28 days from hire quote date only, you will need a new quote after this time.

Q. Do you have a minimum hire spend and if so, what is it?
A. Yes we do, the minimum hire spend for each booking is £250.00, this cannot include any travel charges, if applicable, but can include any additional hours costs.


Q. Do you man the stalls?

A. It all depends on which attractions you hire from us; we always man our Juvenile Hand Turned Roundabout Ride,  Swingboats Ride, Inflatable Helter Skelter Slide, Old Penny Arcade and Fun Foods, all for the hired times indicated on their listing, but do not man other fairground attractions such as our 14ft Super High Striker, Fairground Organ, Peep Boards, Wooden Signs or our Vintage Funfair and Christmas themed garden Fete Games. Some venue's may ask for an 'overseer' to ensure their venue is kept in a fit state during game play. If you'd like to add this service to your fete games hire, we are able to do this for an additional charge. Just let us know if you'd like this service when making your enquiry (charged at £100 per staff member per standard 4 hour hire), so we can add it to your quote.

Q. If I book with you and only use the attractions for a couple of hours at best, can I get a discount off the full cost?

A. No, our standard hire booking terms are for 'up to 4 hours hire time' for our games/props and 'up to 2 hours hire time OR when portioned fun foods run out, whichever come first.' for our catering.  No discount is given if you wish to hire less than these hours.

Q. What are your Standard Hire Terms?

A. Standard hire term packages are available for up to 4 hours 'straight through' hire, i.e. 2pm to 6pm with any fun food serving time being 2 hours or until portioned foods run out (whichever comes first).  If fun foods are ordered alongside an attraction it must be served within the overall order hire time, i.e. if order hire time is 2pm to 6pm, fun foods could be 2pm to 4pm.  No standard hire time ever ends past 8pm (hire after this time incurs a non standard hire time charge of £100.00).


Q. Can we add extra hours to our hire time?

A. Yes, extra hours are a non standard hire term and are charged at an additional rate and must run into the original hire time (i.e. 11am to 3pm becomes 11am to 4pm).  Just let us know if you'd like to add additional hire time (£50.00 per additional unmanned attraction hour OR £100 per additional manned attraction/funfoods hour) when making your enquiry, so we can add it to your quote. 


Q. What's the earliest hire can start at and what's the latest hire can finish?

A. All hire is for straight through hire (no break), and the earliest standard time we start is 8am; the latest standard time we finish is 8pm. Before and after these times a 'non standard time' charge of £100.00 will be added to your quote.  All one day hire bookings must end strictly no later than midnight on the day of hire.


Q. Do you offer longer term hire?

A. Yes, for production work, studio, filming, theatre, company seasonal hire, we offer longer term hire with discounts applied.  If this is something you'd like more information on, don't hesitate to contact us, with your venue postcode, prospective hire dates (must be continuous) and attractions required for an accurate quote.


Q. Do you provide prizeware with the attractions?

A. Unless specifically stated in a hire attraction's listing, all attractions do not come with prizeware.  If prizeware is required, do contact us for a quote, otherwise many of our clients use discount stores (i.e. Poundland/B&M etc) or don't use prizeware at all.


Q. Do you set up the attractions on our behalf or do we have to do it ourselves?

A. You don't have to lift a finger; we come along and set your attractions up, leave you to enjoy them, then quietly and unobtrusively remove them, when booked hire time is over. It's your event and we want you to enjoy it!


Q. Can we give you a layout for where we require our attractions to go on the day of hire?

A. We strive to make your event just as you imagine it to be, so where possible, we can work to a planned layout, but where we find it is unsafe or not viable to do so (front of ponds/large drops/uneven ground etc) we reserve the right to amend these plans, sometimes at a moments notice, with no effect to your booking hire charge.


Q. What do I do if the weather is terrible on the day and my attractions are outdoors?

A. If the worst comes to the worst and mother nature isn't on our side, all is not lost! Where we are safely able to set up inside your venue, we most certainly will do so and at all points we will remain in contact with you and/or your event co-ordinator to try and make a workable solution.  We have had some wedding clients who have embraced the weather (and had some awesome photographs to prove it!) and some who prefer the comfort of moving inside; whichever you are, it is our belief you can still have a fun time, where it is safe to do so. In some instances, where heavy rain and wind occurs, we will make a decision with regards to safety in mind; if we cannot move all hired attractions indoors due to height restrictions etc, these attractions will be removed. It is highly recommended that you purchase adverse weather insurance if you feel this is a major concern, as we do not refund any bookings due to weather incurred on arrival.


Q. I'm having an Autumn/Winter wedding/event OR I just don't trust the British weather, can we use your attractions inside?

A. You certainly can! If you have a photo and approx. dimensions of your venue indoor space, simply contact us for a list of attractions that are perfect for indoor use.  Please note: all indoor hire, where there is more than a ground floor or 1st floor set up, must have a service lift, to enable safe set up.

Q. We're a corporate company and would like to use your attractions for our own promotional uses; can we temporarily re-brand them?

A. As all our attractions are fairground artist, hand painted, using specialist enamel paints, not all of them can be re-branded, however our Super High Striker and Penny Arcade frontage can be.  Do contact us with your hire requirements for an accurate size guide of our panels for your vinyl wrapping or promotional banners. For all other attractions, we cannot Sellotape in place, vinyl wrap or use temporary spray adhesive directly onto any of the artwork panels, we can however accept lightweight banners which can be blue tacked into place.


Q.  What will happen if any of your attractions are damaged by another client prior to or in transit to our event?

A.  We tend to have two of each game available to avoid this issue happening, however where we have a special attraction, that we only have one of in stock, we will try our best to replace the attraction in time for your event or will refund the value of the attraction from your booking, and inform you as soon as we are aware this could effect your booking.


Q.  What will happen if any of our party damage any of your attractions at our event?

A.  Luckily 99% of our attractions are built in-house and unless specialist parts are required, will not incur large sums of money to repair.  Where damage and/or loss of said attraction(s) has taken place, the named hirer will be contacted in writing, within 24 hours of event date completion, indicating what damage and/or loss occurred, with photographic evidence attached, where it is possible to do so. The hirer will then have up to 45 days to pay for repairs to be made to the attraction(s) or where loss has been incurred, payment for a complete unit.


Q. Do you have risk assessment/insurance/pat testing certificates available?

A. Yes, your venue may ask you to request a risk assessment/method statement/public liability certificate for your hire.  If this is the case, you can either tell your event co-ordinator to contact us directly or drop us an email and we will send them over by reply email for you.   In conjunction to this information, all our staff are fully trained in the safe erection, operation and pull down of the attractions hired, we hold £5 million Public Liability insurance; our electrical machines are all in-house Nappit approved PAT Tested, our juvenile rides are ADIPS tested by Rundles, our staff are all DBS Cleared and all Fun Food staff possess Basic Hygiene Certificates 1 & 2 and we are Powys Council highest rated 5.  We now also possess Certification in The Prevention of Covid-19. We're proud to say you couldn't be in safer hands!

Q. How do we go ahead and make a firm booking?

A. If the hire date you wish to book is over 2 months from your enquiry date, a £49.00 non refundable deposit secures your hire date in our diary with your balance then due no later than 28 days before this date.  For short notice bookings (less than 2 months from enquiry to date hire), we require full balance on booking. All dates are taken on a first booked first served basis; we cannot hold your date without prior payment. We never attend any event where payment hasn't been made first.   Once we receive your booking, we then send you an updated booking receipt, along with our Health & Safety documents and Public Liability Insurance certificate, for you to read and keep, or pass onto your hire venue.


Q. Can I pay with a Company or Personal Visa/Mastercard Credit or Debit card?

A. Yes, we now accept payment via most Company or Personal Credit and Debit Cards by sending you an invoice via the online terminal.  See their website for further details here:


Q. Can we pay you after the event hire?

A. No, all balances/invoices must be strictly paid in full prior to event hire date; we DO NOT attend any event where payment has not been made first.  

Q. What payment methods do you take?

A. We can accept deposit and balance payments by BACS, Bank Transfer, most Mastercard/Visa Credit or Debit Cards, GBP Sterling Cheque and most Company Credit or Debit Cards; please note, all payments must be fully cleared before hire can commence.  GBP Sterling Cheque can only be accepted for full balance on booking.


Q. What are your cancellation terms?

A. Our cancellation terms are fairly straightforward, if you need to cancel, you can expect a refund of 50% if you inform us no later than 14 days prior to the event date.  If you inform us no later than 7 days prior to the event date you can expect a 25% refund of your payment.  After this time, we cannot make any refund; it is recommended that you purchase event cancellation insurance, if you feel this maybe a possibility.


Q. Are you VAT registered or a Ltd Company?

A. No, not at this time.


Q. What is your phone number & why is it not listed under contact details?

A. Initial enquirers are asked to use any of our contact details to outline their query so we are able to free up our phone for our booked clients calls/messages whilst we are out on call. If you have already booked with us and require our phone number, do contact us on 07985 586 069.  Any text/phone messages received asking about dates/prices etc will be politely directed to our other contact forms.


Q. Do you attend wedding fayres?

A. It is rare to find us at a wedding fayre due to our very busy diary, but if we feel a venue is suitable for our attractions and is no more than 50 miles away from SY16 4DA then we may attend, depending on availability & cost to exhibit our attractions. Do keep a watch on our Facebook page for any wedding fayre announcements. 


Q. If you're unavailable/unable to attend our event, is there anyone else I can try?

A. Yes, where we are unavailable for hire, do contact

Q. Why should we hire you and not other similar companies? 

A. Our company is one of a handful of British fairground hirers who specialise in providing attractions with original fairground art designs that are lovingly hand built and painted by our own genuine fairground artist with over 40 years experience as an independent showman. Because of this our attractions are built to withstand the heavy use they receive at events; alongside the fact that you can be certain your attractions will reach you in the same condition you see them in our photographs.  Our staff are DBS cleared and we also possess £5 million public liability insurance along with games, rides and fun food risk assessments, Powys 5 Star Rated and all attractions that require ADIPS/Safety tests, are tested.  We take pride in our services (both prior, during and after your event), ensuring each and every concern you may have is answered in a timely manner, leaving you to enjoy your event without any worries. Our fun foods are displayed on carts and barrows; sympathetically painted in the traditional authentic way, and none of our catering machines are cheap copies but industry high spec models, designed to handle large quantities of production. Our business is a full time concern; we don't make promises we cannot keep, if we can't attend your event with the attractions you want, we will tell you immediately and the reason why, even before you book us.  We create our attractions, deliver and set them up on your behalf but most importantly we are not a company who are here today, gone tomorrow; basically we care about your time having fun!

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