Prices shown do not include your additional delivery/collection charges if hire venue is over 30 miles of SY16 4DA and are based on Standard Hire Terms; please read our FAQ's for more information or CONTACT US for an accurate quote.


We've had so many requests for a ride suitable for both toddlers and young junior age children alike, that we've now renovated a beautiful rare 1940's Coulson Minor Mobile hand turned roundabout ride; perfect for kids up to approximately 8 years of age (with a maximum user height of 1.25 metres). Seats 9 children at full capacity per go, with the 'vehicles' available being a rocket ship, a two seater boat, 1 x police car, 1 x roadside recovery car,  2 x motorbikes and nestled next to these, 2 x motorcycle side cars. Comes with a central traffic policeman for general hire and a battery powered illuminated central spray for evening and/or Christmas hire.  No electric is required to use (lights are illuminated with an internal battery), making this the perfect Eco vintage kiddies funfair ride. Comes with a fairground attendant who is fully trained and insured in the operation of this ride.


Must have direct even ground access for trailer build up and an operating area of 15ft x 10ft is required.  Ride takes approx 1 hour to build up & 1 hour to pull down.


Nothing says 'fairground', vintage or otherwise, than a fabulous stick of freshly made sweet candy floss or a cone of just popped corn, and served from our stunning barrow, you'll really set the traditional funfair scene perfectly at your event! Our Candy Floss & Popcorn cart comes with 2 Hours 'straight through' i.e. 2pm to 4pm, manned hire, with a trained attendant serving unlimited Sticks of Candy Floss & 8oz Cones of Popcorn, within that time. Both our Candy Floss & Popcorn fun foods are suitable for those on a Vegan diet. 


Please note: Electric point is required to run machines.  Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft 5" x (w) 7ft x (d) 4ft.  Stall takes approx 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


As you can see from the photo's we've supplied, our vintage postcard style 'Fairground Dodgems' Photo Peep Board is a huge hit with our clients and produces some funny candid snapshots.  Based on an old seaside postcard by Trow, ours features two children enjoying a ride on fifties style bumper cars, with the top of the postcard stating 'Let's hope you "dodgem" all but me' on.  As is our unique design, our hole in head peep board comes with doors which close off to view a painted in head, so if one person is using board, their photo will still look fabulous! 


Size approx (h): 4ft x (w): 6ft x (d) 2ft


Our replica of a traditional old fashioned Fairground Organ is so true to it's original, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. Plays a large selection of typical fairground organ music, but intead of using pipes, it uses an environmental quality sound system, which can be set at any level of volume to re-create the sounds of a bygone era funfair for your event.  Music can be switched to festive fairground organ tunes throughout Christmas if wished.


Size approx (h): 4ft 6" x (w): 3ft x (d) 2ft ~ Electric required for this attraction.

HOT DOG CART ~ £295.00

We've taken our stunning Victorian style Barrow and converted it to a fabulous Hot Dog Cart! Our trained attendant will cook up to 100 x 8" German Brockwurst Hot Dog Sausages in a Bun and serve you and your guests for 2 hours straight through hire, i.e. 2pm to 4pm. Comes with steamed onions, associated condiments, paper trays & serviettes. Vegetarian sausages can be ordered on request at booking stage.


Please note: Electric point is required to run machines.  Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft 5" x (w) 7ft x (d) 4ft.  Stall takes approx 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


It's a sad fact that many Victorian Pier penny arcades are closing in favour of modern ticket based activities, but here at Traditional Fairground Co, we want to ensure this wonderful pastime isn't lost forever.  Incredibly popular with both children and adults alike, our manned Penny Arcade is housed in a vintage fairground side stall joint and looks just amazing with its stunning hand painted fairground art, bulb lighting and old time signage, along with a little bit of Rock and Roll music playing in the background for a great retro atmosphere and a fairground attendee who will help if you need some pointers on how to play each game. These hugely popular 'loved by all' games are a fabulous way to bring the golden age of British seaside to your museum, heritage or educational event and included is a wonderful smattering of 12 different machines, which will keep everyone amused, including a Bryans 'Flea Circus' Peep Viewer, a Ruffler & Walker Grip Tester, a Parkers Carousel Allwin, Bryans Clock, and Clown Catcher Allwin, a See Saw Penny Tipper, Beromat & Mills One Arm Bandits, Palladium Ring-a-Ding Buzzer game alongside an Exhibit Supply Co. Love Tester, a Star Express Arcade Game and finishing with a Bryans Bullion Machine, all machines using 'Penny Tokens' for game play. For amusement only, this stall comes with up to 100 tubs of 20 x 'Penny Tokens' included in hire cost.


Please note: Additional tokens can be hired at £20.00 per 10 tubs of 20 x 'Penny Tokens' at point of booking only. 

Hire of our Penny Arcade requires an electric point and must be ground floor installed with no obstacles to overcome and no further than 5 metres distance from set up site for build up and pull down; the complete stall installation takes approx 1½ hours to erect & 1½ hours to pull down.


This amazing traditionally hand painted Super High Fairground Striker is so tall it literally feels like it's touching the clouds! Most of you know how these work, you take the hammer provided and see if you can hit the pin hard enough to send the 'mouse' up the backboard, all the way till it rings the bell. Our 14ft Super High Striker comes unmanned and without prizeware.


Must be built up on even level ground and an operating area of 15ft x 10ft x 10ft is required. Stakes or Sandbags will be required to anchor Striker safely onto ground when outdoors. Can also be built up indoors, but please be aware of the height and operating area required. Stall takes approximately 1½ hour to build up & 1½ hour to pull down. 


Super large 8ft wooden Circus Sign, handpainted in traditional Circus colours and can be hung or placed pretty much anywhere for a splash of colour to tie in with your Circus themed event.


Huge 11ft wooden Funfair Sign, handpainted in bright and colourful enamel paints and can be hung or placed wherever you desire for an instant 'vintage fairground' theme impact.

Circus Sign Prop Hire