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Quite often hired as a main prop, due to it's fabulous height and the fact it's an iconic fairground attraction; our amazing traditionally hand painted Super High Fairground Striker is so tall it literally feels like it's touching the clouds at 20ft! Most of you know how these work, you take the hammer provided and see if you can hit the pin hard enough to send the 'mouse' up the backboard, all the way till it rings the bell (if you need your actor to be able to confidently ring the bell, just let us know on the day of delivery and we can demonstrate some clever tricks to achieve this, at whatever age/size etc),  Can also come with a prize box that will have a selection of typical retro prizeware props in.


Must be built up on even level ground and an operating area of 21ft x 7ft x 7ft is required. We provide Stakes or Sandbags, which will be required to anchor Striker safely onto ground when outdoors. Electric point required if requiring illumination. Can also be built up indoors, but please be aware of the height and operating area required. Stall takes approximately 1 hour to build up & 1 hour to pull down. 

COCONUT SALOON / SHY STALL ~ Enquire for Quote

No traditional fairground is complete without a Coconut Shie or Coconut Shy, as they're often known, and ours comes manned with one attendant, a display Coconut Ball Box and all the enticing hand painted Hanging Tickets, persuading a punter to 'try their hand!' It's not as easy as you may think, the coconuts are often clipped and move in their stumps and a keen eye and steady nerves are often the 'trick' needed to win. 

Electric point required if requiring illumination. Stall takes approx. 1½ hours to erect & 1½ hours to pull down. Approximate size of attraction is (h) 10ft x (w) 12ft x (d) 12ft. 


Nothing says 'fairground', vintage or otherwise, than a fabulous stick of freshly made sweet candy floss, or paper cone of popcorn and served from our stunning barrow, you'll really set the traditional funfair scene beautifully for your production! We can set up our Barrow up with a trained member of staff, dressed to the nines and serving as an on set extra or we can train one of your actors to use the machines safely. Barrow can either be used as a stand alone prop with bags of candy floss hanging from the stall or you can use it as a fully working prop or as our middle photo shows, you can rework/dress our barrow for your own fun food vending stall!

Electric point required if wishing to illuminate and/or use fun food machines. Stall takes approx. 1 hour to erect & 1 hour to pull down. Approximate size of attraction is (h) 8ft x (w) 7ft x (d) 7ft. 

FAIRGROUND ORGAN ~ Enquire for Quote

Our replica of a traditional old fashioned Fairground Organ is so true to it's original, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. Can play a large selection of typical fairground organ music, but instead of using pipes, it uses a Bose environmental quality sound system, which can be set at any level of volume to re-create the sounds of a bygone era funfair, should you need it. Otherwise it can be used simply as a visual indication of a typical fairground organ, for your production. 


Electric point required if wishing to illuminate and/or use music system. Stall takes approx. ½ hour to erect & ½ hour to pull down. Approximate size of attraction is (h) 4ft 6" x (w) 3ft x (d) 2ft. 


Our stunning Tarot Booth is a superb piece of art in its own right; there's so much more to this wonderful fortune tellers tent than meets the eye; on the exterior panels beautiful hand painted gypsy girls display mirrored fortunes, which a curious viewer will love to decode and the header panel reads, 'Fortunes Told, Palmistry, Tarot & Crystal Ball'. Inside is just as eye-catching, and is entered through a 'theatre style' beaded curtain, which opens up to reveal two Gold & Red Velvet Louis XVI style Chairs, a Reading Table, Crystal Ball, Brass Inlaid Moneybox and a deck of Circus Sideshow Tarot Cards, all darkly illuminated with a 1920's style Beaded Lampshade.  Perfect for any shoot wanting a real wow factor or where the actor is a fortune teller and you need a stand alone prop piece to fill out a set being instantly recognisable as a fortune telling booth.  


Electric point is required is wishing to illuminate. Approx. size of attraction is (h) 8ft x (w) 8ft x (d) 6ft. Stall takes approx. 1½ hour to erect & 1½ hour to pull down.


Our wonderful old time Fairground Side Stall is hand painted in richly coloured flamboyant paints in the ornate Victorian style often associated with these bygone era funfair joints and comes with strings of colourful bulb lighting and lots of hanging tickets and gag boards which shout 'all the fun of the fair'.  Simply choose either a Stick 3 Darts and Tin Can Alley OR a Duck Shot and Cork Rifle Range Shooting Gallery set up, and we'll ensure our build up stall comes as requested, all ready for your extra's to 'run'. This superb side stall can come 'swagged up' with prizeware props: a choice of modern prizes or vintage prizes are available; you choose to suit your period filming or photography requirements. 


Electric point is required is wishing to illuminate. Approx. size of attraction is (h) 8ft x (w) 12ft x (d) 10ft. Stall takes approx. 2 hours to erect & 2 hours to pull down.

The renovation of our beautiful rare 1940's Coulson Minor Mobile hand turned roundabout ride is now complete and as the photos proudly show, for anyone looking for a perfect trailer mounted kiddies ride for their photographic shoot or filming purposes, this will be the prop for you! Seats 9 children at full capacity, with a maximum per user height of 1.25 metres, and with the vehicles onboard consisting of a rocket ship, a two seater yacht, 1 x police car, 1 x car,  2 x motorbikes and nestled next to these, 2 x motorcycle side cars. Comes with a choice of a central traffic policeman or Christmas tree delivery truck. We can operate the ride as an extra or train an actor to safely operate it, prior to use.

No electric is required to use. Must have direct even ground access for trailer build up and an operating area of 15ft x 10ft is required. Ride takes approx. 1 hour to build up & 1 hour to pull down. 


For those of you looking for a large fairground stand alone attraction to fill your set with, our Old Penny Arcade looks just amazing with its stunning hand painted fairground art, bulb lighting and old time signage. Hire includes a wonderful smattering of 11 different machines, ranging in dates from 1930's right through to 1970's and including a Parkers Carousel Allwin, Rolling Penny Golf Game, Bryans Bullion, Ring-a-Ding Buzzer, Bollands Fortune Teller, Oliver Whales 24 Cups Allwin, See Saw Penny Tipper, Beromat B One Arm Bandit, Bryans Twenty Four Clock, Ruffler & Walker Grip Tester, and a Tom Boland Film Stars One Armed Bandit, each using '1d Old Penny Coins' for complete working prop authenticity. Also comes with a sit in Token Booth.

Electric point is required is wishing to illuminate and/or for some machine use. Approx. size of attraction is (h) 9ft x (w) 12ft x (d) 9ft. Stall takes approx. 2 hours to erect & 2 hours to pull down.


*our machines can be hired in single units for inside filming/studio use. If interested contact us with the machines you'd like to hire, your hire dates and studio/set postcode for an accurate quote and further information.


Ever the romantics, we have a wonderful bygone era style Kissing Booth, with an option for us to personalise it (up to 24 characters including spaces), so if you're filming a wedding scene you can have your protagonists names on the chalkboard swag, if you're selling a product, we can place its name on the swag or if you're photographing couples having a quick kiss, we can place your slogan on the's really up to you! Can be used both indoors or outside and the vibrant colours are such a hit with hirers and it's just wonderful for us to see what it's used for!   


Can be personalised with up to 26 characters, including spaces. Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft 5" x (w) 3ft x (d) 4ft. Stall takes approx. ½ hour to erect & ½ hour to pull down.


Our wonderful vintage Food Vending Hand Cart looks every bit as authentic as you'd expect from us and just as you'd see in the 1940's and 1950's! A fully working prop with electric Bain Marie insert or 2 x 'freeze before use' Ice Cream Pots. It free wheels for easy positioning and comes painted in our typical burgundy/cream livery, matching our other attractions perfectly, with typical sign written 'They're Tasty!' advertising on the front and an umbrella to finish the look off perfectly. Use for photographic shoots with your model as a server/customer or place your extra/actor behind the cart and have them serving up. Currently we have Hot Dogs, Ice-Cream and Burger's hand painted product plates for display on the sides of the cart, but if you're using for any other product, if time permits, we'll be happy to sign write one for you!


Electric point is required is wishing to use Bain Marie. Approximate size of attraction is (h) 6ft x (w) 2ft 6" x (d) 4ft 4". Stall takes approx. ½ hour to erect & ½ hour to pull down.


No old time scene would be the same without a wonderful solid wood (not a hint of MDF to be found!) Victorian Hand Barrow gracing it's pages or screen. Our Hand Cart has been professionally hand built and hand painted by ourselves, so you know it's unique to us and we're very proud of all the admiring looks it constantly receives.  It's been used on set as a Baked Potato Barrow, Hot Roast Chestnuts Cart, Toffee Apple Stall, Mulled Wine Cart and just recently as a Fruit & Veg Grocers Market Stall; if it fits your remit, you can use this superb cart to display anything you wish! Your hire can come with a false oven which you can use as an illumined prop, giving the effect of your potatoes/pies/chestnuts cooking away inside, some wooden market veg boxes, or a copper vat for mulled wine, and we can also supply themed signage so your viewers are in no doubt what's being sold on your cart. Imagine just how festive this cart will look for your holiday production or how pretty a market scene would look for spring/summer productions!


Electric point is required is wishing to illuminate cart. Approx. size of attraction is (h) 6ft x (w) 6ft x (d) 6ft. Stall takes approx. 1 hour to erect & 1 hour to pull down.

Looking for smaller fairground style fete game stalls for your production, click HERE.

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