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Deluxe Vintage Funfair Fete Games Package

Prices shown do not include your additional delivery/collection charges and are based on Standard 4 Hours Hire Terms; please read our FAQ's for more information or CONTACT US for an accurate quote.

Our vintage funfair fete games hire packages continue to be a runaway success with anyone wishing to have a taste of old fashioned fairground fun, all put together to perfectly complement your wedding reception, birthday party, Christmas fair, company or personal anniversary, corporate event, office party or special occasion hire. 


Looking for a package which has all the beauty of old time fairground art and includes the further addition of two very popular and fondly remembered side stall games from the bygone era? Our Deluxe Vintage Funfair Fete Games Hire Package is literally so chock full at 7 games, we had to squeeze them into a 20-metre area just to get the photo you can see above! There's plenty of games for all ages and skill levels, starting with our 'no coconuts' Coconut Shy, our fantastic highly decorated Ball in the Bucket and family favourite Hook-a-Duck (with ducks that actually 'swim' round the tank!), standing proud amongst them is our fabulous 15ft High Striker, followed by our pretty Victoriana Roll-a-Penny game, then it's our frustratingly difficult, but completely addictive, Beat The Buzzer game, finishing with our incredibly popular Tin Can Alley. Is that not a package which crosses the tees and dots the i's for any event organiser wanting a true wow factor!


Standard Hire Cost From: £495.00

Set up: This package takes approx. 1½ hours prior to hire time commencement. You will need even ground floor to set up attractions. 

Electric required: No, our Beat the Buzzer game and Hook-a-Duck use an internal battery.

Indoor/Outdoor use: These attractions can be used both indoors and outdoors. You may wish to consider High Striker height for indoor use.

Attraction approx. sizes:

  • Coconut Shy (h) 4ft 6" x (w) 5ft x (d) 3ft

  • Ball in the Bucket (h) 4ft x (w) 4ft x (d) 4ft

  • Hook-a-Duck (h) 4ft 6" x (w) 5ft x (d) 3ft

  • 15ft High Striker (h) 15ft x (w) 5ft x (d) 5ft

  • Roll-a-Penny (h) 4ft 6" x (w) 5ft x (d) 4ft

  • Beat-the-Buzzer (h) 4ft x (w) 4ft x (d) 1ft

  • Tin Can Alley (h) 4ft 6" x (w) 5ft x (d) 4ft

Is there Prizeware: No prizeware is included in this package.

Is this Package Manned?: This package comes unmanned - we can provide a games overseer who will keep a general eye on game play for an additional £100.00 per 4 hours hire.

Does the Coconut Shy use Coconuts? No, the Shy fete game uses wooden flip over 'Coconuts'.

Do we hold a HSG 175 Certificate?: No, our Fete Games do not require a HSG 175 Certificate (see ADIPS for more information).

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