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Terms & Conditions




In these conditions, TRADITIONAL FAIRGROUND CO. HIRE, their sub-contractors and agents are referred to as "the Company".





agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below and therein


(a) when making a booking of hire equipment, pay the full amount of the hire cost, plus any associated delivery/collection costs, within the scheduled date(s) of payment. If payment is not received within your scheduled due date(s), we automatically cancel your hire contract and will not attend your event.

(b)  understand that any change to our standard terms, particularly in respect to hours worked before 8am and after 8pm, will be charged at an additional £100.00 to cover non standard hours worked.


(c) maintain the goods in the same condition, appearance and state of repair as they are on receipt of said goods, in default of doing so, hereby agree to pay the owner on demand the cost of putting the same in such condition appearance and state of repair howsoever any damage may be caused.

(d) in the event of loss of the goods or any item thereof from whatsoever cause forthwith pays the owner the cost of replacement thereof which the replacement cost can be obtained prior to event date by contacting us here.

(e) not part with possession of any of the said goods or item thereof.

(f) immediately on request advise the owner of the whereabouts of the goods.

(g) not pledge the goods or any item thereof nor allow the same to be taken in execution.

(h) return the goods or make them available for return at the owners request, in default of this agree to pay the owner on demand a sum equivalent to the hire of the hiring, such sums to be the default in the event of greater loss.

(i) ensure no pets or individuals smoking will be allowed on/directly near any equipment.

(j) note that packages are hired for 4 hours 'straight through' operation, where we will erect the attractions, let you use them on an unmanned basis (unless otherwise stated) for 4 hours, then we will pack them away.  Any Fun Foods are hired for 2 hours 'straight through' operation or until agreed portions run out (whichever comes soonest) and if hired alongside games will be manned for 2 hours within the 4 hours 'straight through' hire time.

(k) ensures that a free dedicated parking space must be available throughout the unloading, hire time and pull down time, within 50 metres of the event hire venue.

(l) understand that we cannot be held liable for a refund if bad weather and the inability to move attractions indoors means you do not receive full enjoyment from the games. It is highly recommended you get event insurance to cover this possibility.

(m) use the goods for the purpose for which they were designed.


1. All cancellations must be sent using our Request to Cancel link or via telephone 07985 586 069. Our schedule of refund scale is as below:-

a. 14 days prior to your booking hire taking place, we will give you a full refund, minus a £49.00 Administration Cancellation Fee.

b. Day 13 to day 3 we will refund 50% of your full hire charge.

c. Day 2 or on the hire date itself, no refund is given. 

2. This agreement shall determine forthwith without prejudice to any antecedent claim to the owner and the goods may forthwith be repossessed by the owner in any one or more of the following events:

(a) the commission of the hirer of an act of bankruptcy or his entry into any agreement with his general body of creditors.

(b) The breach by the hirer of any of the stipulation herein contained and on his part to be observed and performed.


(a) that he/she is eighteen years of age.

(b) That he/she is otherwise legally entitled to enter into this agreement on their own behalf (if he/she shall enter into the same said agreement on behalf of another individual or on behalf of other individuals of a limited company) that he/she has full authority to do so.

(c) to undertake full responsibility for the safety of the equipment and staff, whilst on hire, and will accept full responsibility for the loss or damage of said equipment, howsoever caused.

(d) The hirer undertakes not to interfere with or allow any other person to interfere with the mechanism or other parts of the equipment on hire without the express permission of the owner and shall indemnify the owner against any claims, loss or damage suffered by any party (including any third party) as a result or in consequence of any interfere.

(e) The Hirer will arrange adequate insurance for the period of the hire for the total sum of the hire.

4. THE COMPANY (Traditional Fairground Co. Hire):

(a) accepts no responsibility for any malfunction or breakdown, howsoever arising of the equipment hired. Not for any loss whether financial or otherwise there from once the equipment, the hirer has accepted the subject of this agreement.

(b) reserves the right to cancel this agreement or any verbal agreement relating to this hire within reasonable notice relating to the incident causing the cancellation.

(c) does not allow anyone other than those working and insured for the Company to erect, move or dismantle any attractions hired.

(d) will make all effort when delivering equipment to park our vehicle/s without contravening parking restrictions. If where delivery falls outside this category (i.e. Red Routes, double yellow lines, resident's parking, etc) and a penalty charge is incurred this will be payable by the Hirer.

(e) reserves the right to add, delete or vary their conditions of business at any time without due notice.

(f) has the right to end any hire and remove their attractions and staff immediately, if at any time they reasonably feel under threat from spoken or physical violence from the party HIRER or Guests. No refund will be given if this is the case and action maybe taken against the perpetrator(s) involved.

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